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A Town with a Great Future built on a Trail of Past Success!
401 Maple, PO Box 288, Overbrook, Kansas 66524 | 785-665-7328

Don't Overlook Overbrook!
The City of Overbrook, Kansas is built on the old Santa Fe Trail on US56 Highway located conveniently between Lawrence, Topeka, and Ottawa. We are a small farming community, rich in heritage, and wealthy in the spirit of life.

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Don't Overlook Overbrook!

Don't Overlook Overbrook!
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Water break at Rural Pump House
The Overbrook Maintenance crew is working on a water break at the Rural Pump House located at the west end of 10th Street.  Service in the immediate area may be impacted.

We will update when we know more.Thank you!  Jim Koger Overbrook City Clerk 

Found Black Kitten 11/16/14 **11/24/14 UPDATE
The kitten's owner has been found.  However, at the same time they lost an  adult cat, a long haired grey tabby who is extremely shy.  If you have seen this cat, please call City Hall at 665-7328   Thank you!  Jim Koger

A friendly little black kitten was found in the vicinity of the Overbrook Bible Church, 719 Western Heights, late last evening.  If this is your kitten or you know who it might belong to, please call City Hall at 785-665-7328.  Thank you!

Overbrook Community Chest Drive
It is Community Chest Drive Time Again.  Each year it gives us the opportunity to help deserving organizations in one big drive rather than giving to each one separately.  Please click here for the flyer   Thank you for your consideration!

6th Annual Children's Fishing Derby Sept 13th
Click here for the flyer

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