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A Town with a Great Future built on a Trail of Past Success!
401 Maple, PO Box 288, Overbrook, Kansas 66524 | 785-665-7328

Don't Overlook Overbrook!
The City of Overbrook, Kansas is built on the old Santa Fe Trail on US56 Highway located conveniently between Lawrence, Topeka, and Ottawa. We are a small farming community, rich in heritage, and wealthy in the spirit of life.

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sunflowers at sunset

sunflowers at sunset
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Branch Pick-up Today Saturday Apr 19th beginning at 9AM
Thank you to all who participate and help in the branch pickup today in Overbrook.  Place your limbs and branches in manageable sizes along the curbside and beginning at 9AM today (Apr 19th) crews will be by in town to pick the branches up and haul off to the tree dump at the sewer ponds.  The gates are open if you want to haul them yourselves. 

We sure appreciate all you do to help make Overbrook a great place to be!

Office Hours April 16-23rd

Overbrook City Hall Schedule for April 16th through April 23rd

Wednesday April 16th  Open 8AM to 1PM
Thursday April 17th  Open 8AM to 1PM
Friday April 18th    Open 8AM to 1PM
Monday April 21st  Open 8AM to 1PM
Tuesday April 22nd  Closed all day
Wednesday April 23rd Open 8AM to 1PM

To reach Jim Koger please call or text 785-224-5157
For Maintenance Issues please call 665-7176
For Animal Control Matters please call 785-806-9572

Sorry for the inconvenience.  
Thank you!  Jim Koger Overbrook City Clerk 

City of Overbrook Water Quality Report for Calendar Year 2013
Our Consumer Confidence Report for the Calendar Year 2013 has been posted at   you may also pick up a copy at Overbrook City Hall.  

Town Hall Meeting 4/10/14 at the Old Gym
Click here for details

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PW Freeskin container
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