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Welcome to the City of Overbrook, Kansas!  Our city is defined less by boundaries on a map than by the sense of shared values our residents hold dear.  We take pride in maintaining a wholesome lifestyle, rich in cultural history, along with a deep commitment to the preservation of our environment and a progressive approach to local business. 


Overbrook is built on the old Santa Fe Trail (now US56); located SE of Topeka Approximately 20 miles, or SW of Lawrence- 25 miles.  We are a similar distance to Ottawa.  As you drive down Highway 56 you will be greeted by our water tower boasting our slogan "Don't Overlook Overbrook".  We are a small farming community, rich in heritage, and wealthy in the spirit of community life.  Our town is privileged to have two banks, a dental office, barber shop, beauty salon, quilting shop, restaurants and cafes, an excellent Library, swimming pool, a 24-hour Nursing Home with Assisted Living Apartments, and a community Retirement Center.  Our 8 acre fishing lake sits on the east side of town just off Highway 56.  It has been well stocked and is ready for the beginner and experienced anglers.  Jones Park is just south of the lake and is a great place to watch area baseball and softball teams. 

As you can see, Overbrook has numerous small businesses, a great school system, and a number of churches, which together creates a self-sustaining city with a hometown atmosphere for vistiors, as well as those already living in Overbrook.  We enjoy meeting new friends, so stop by if your driving down Highway 56!  While you are here you will see for yourself why so many of our young people have returned to their hometown to raise their families and...

Don't Overlook Overbrook!



Overbrook was laid out on the old Santa Fe Trail. This area between 1822 and 1872 saw thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of prairie schooners, Conestoga wagons and freight wagons pass through. In 1827 this part of the Santa Fe Trail was called the Ridgeway. For some 20 miles through here lies a ridge. Water the the north of Santa Fe Trail Street in Overbrook runs to the Kansas River. South of Santa Fe Trail Street, the water runs to the Marais des Cygnes River.

About one and one-half miles east of Overbrook the Santa Fe Trail lies to the south of the present day highway. At this point there was a campground, Rock Creek Springs #1, where there was once a blacksmith shop, general store, inn and post office all located in one building.

The Santa Fe Trail enters Overbrook from the east through the Overbrook Cemetery. Faint outlines of ruts can be seen going toward the old school building. Near the 200 block of Ash Street in Overbrook was a spring used for a watering stop. The Trail ran due west through town down Santa Fe Trail Street. At Sycamore Street it veered north a bit and continues through the Brookside Nursing Home location and on west. Ruts can still be seen in this area. The Santa Fe Trail turned north about a mile west of Overbrook near a windmill which can still be seen on the north side of US 56. The spring located here was called Flag Spring or Santa Fe Spring. The trail continues on west through the area now occupied by Santa Fe Trail High School and crosses 110 Mile Creek just south of junction of US 76 and US 56 Highways, then on south of Scranton and into Burlingame.


Census Info

2019 Population Estimate:  1023

Median Household Income:  $ 50,536

Median Housing Value:  $ 118,900

Total Housing Units:  417

Veterans:  61

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