Here is some information on the organizations we have have in Overbrook, KS. If you know of any other organizations or know more information about the ones listed, please give us a call and we will get it updated.

Overbrook Community Foundation

Our mission and meeting times:

The Overbrook Community Foundation is dedicated to maintaining and improving a healthy community by supporting local non-profit clubs and organizations through donor contributions. OCF meets on the third Thursday of the month (excluding holiday weeks) at 4:30 pm at the Overbrook Public Library.

Overbrook Community Foundation 4K.mp4 from Gabriel Butel on Vimeo.

Contact Info

American Legion Post #239

Boy Scouts
(785) 766-0615

Community Betterment

Ronda Grace
(785) 383-2728

Girl Scouts

Hobby Club
Letha Smith
(785) 665-7401

Michigan Valley 4-H Club
Dewayne Schoepflin

North Osage 4-H Club
Hope Koger - (785) 217-7388
Jamie Guenther - (785) 608-9024

Overbrook EMS

Overbrook Historical Society
Pam O'Bryhim
(518) 569-7408

Overbrook Library Friends

Overbrook PRIDE
Stacey Herrick
(785) 633-2954

Overbrook Senior Citizens

Ridgeway Lodge

Randal Durbin
Visit Website

Nancy Durban
(785) 453-2185


Tennis Association
Scott Averill

Thimble Club
Eleanor Baldwin

Mary Anderson
(785) 806-5613