The Overbrook initiative

A grass roots project for community action

Why do you live in Overbrook? Is it the quiet neighborhoods, the feeling of safety, neighborly people, family and friends? Is it the beautiful library or the lake, the Landon Nature Trails, community pride, local restaurants? If you love Overbrook, or even just like it, you must have a few things in mind that bug you about it - people speeding in a 20 mile/hour zones, industrial trucks parked across from your house, unsightly yards, neighborhood blight, neglect of pets. Or maybe there are no sidewalks, plugged up culverts, no grocery store, bad internet, brown water?

The mayor, city clerk, city council, and city workers do so much for this community. We need the citizens to help us out with their feedback and support! Here is where you come in! Committed, interested, or just plain annoyed citizens can help us tackle the problems that every small town has. And even more exciting is their ability to think big about our vision for the future of Overbrook

That is why we are developing four committees made up of citizens, city employees, mayor, and city council members. The committees will address the issues mentioned below and more:

Keep an eye out for upcoming committee events on our calendar and event page: Calendar of Events | City of Overbrook Kansas (

Are you ready to step up and join our efforts to make Overbrook the kind of town you are proud to live in? For more detailed information about why these committees are being formed and what they will work to accomplish, please contact Jim Koger or Becky Coltrane at Overbrook City Hall - (785) 665-7328, email:, or stop by the office at 401 Maple Street.

Infrastructure Committee

Sidewalks, streets, use of buildings, broadband/fiber internet

Contact: Carol Baughman -

Upcoming Meetings:

July 3rd, Aug 7th, Sept 4th, Oct 2nd, Nov 6th, Dec 4th  @ 6:00pm at City Hall

Growth Committee

How do we envision Overbrook thriving in the future - expand city limits; support and boost local economy, become a tree city, support a grocery store?

For more information about Growth Committee meetings see the meeting notes below.

Contact: Cheryl Miller - 

Upcoming Meetings:

Feb (no mtg on the 19th due to Mayor’s Summit),  Mar 4th, 18th,  Apr 1st, 15th, 29th,  May 13th, (no mtg the 27th due to Memorial Day),  Jun 10th, 24th @ 6:00pm at City Hall

Public Safety Committee

We will be talking about prohibited yard parking ordinances, vacancy ordinances, crosswalks, speed bumps, and etc.


Upcoming Meetings:

June 24th, July 29th, Aug 26th, Sept 30th, Oct 28th, Nov 25th, Dec 30th @ 11am at Police Department.


Made up of city employees and elected officials, this committee will address a wide variety of personnel issues including creating consistent standards, defining job titles, working with employees to accomplish their work goals.

Committee News and Notes: