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Emergency Information

Osage County - Tornado Warning Siren Info

As we approach the spring tornado and severe weather season, here are a few facts about tornado sirens. Tornado sirens are an outside warning system only. When you hear a tornado siren go inside, take cover, and tune to local media for more information. It is a good idea to have a second means of receiving warnings such as a NOAA weather radio or sign up for alerts at Osage County Emergency Management or Sheriff's Office website ( Osage County tornado sirens are tested the 1st and 3rd Wednesday's of month at 1:00PM unless there is inclement weather. Sirens are not used to give an all clear, if you hear a second warning take cover. All clear information is broadcasted by local media. Osage County Sheriff's Office is responsible for activation of the tornado sirens. During a real event the tornado sirens are activated following a warning being issued by the National Weather Service. For more information contact Osage County Sheriff's Office, Osage County Emergency Management or go to County Departments tab- Emergency Management at