Emergency Information

Osage County - Tornado Warning Siren Info

As we approach the spring tornado and severe weather season, here are a few facts about tornado sirens. Tornado sirens are an outside warning system only. When you hear a tornado siren go inside, take cover, and tune to local media for more information. It is a good idea to have a second means of receiving warnings such as a NOAA weather radio or sign up for alerts at Osage County Emergency Management or Sheriff's Office website (www.osageco.org). Osage County tornado sirens are tested the 1st and 3rd Wednesday's of month at 1:00PM unless there is inclement weather. Sirens are not used to give an all clear, if you hear a second warning take cover. All clear information is broadcasted by local media. Osage County Sheriff's Office is responsible for activation of the tornado sirens. During a real event the tornado sirens are activated following a warning being issued by the National Weather Service. For more information contact Osage County Sheriff's Office, Osage County Emergency Management or go to County Departments tab- Emergency Management at www.osageco.org.